Looking for the cool kids? They’re with us.

Dulcedo Management represents those special individuals. The ones who have that X factor, that special spark that differentiates “good” from “amazing”. Right from the start, Dulcedo has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking by embracing innovative initiatives. Always one click away from an opportunity, we used Facebook as our initial mean to hunt for individuals with model potential. Scrolling through friends of friends, we found bright pretty faces with something much more valuable: personalities. In the blink of an eye, we started signing soon-to-be-models.

Over time, we transformed into something bigger. We took on makeup extraordinaires, top-pick influencers, major sports figures and many more. We’re basically a big friendly family with highly curated members.

As you can see, diversity is our thing: from a weird haircut to bold styling, we believe beauty and creativity is found in the unexpected. That’s also why we fly high on finding emerging talents. They love shaking things up through a fresh perspective – just like we do.

We fuel on change, but our success is constant. Agencies do their thing, we dare to do things differently. We’re the mostest of everything.

We manage

Fashion Models

Model Division

Women, men, curves, news faces and kids – we represent the cool ones. Our radar to scout good-looking genes and unique personalities is always on. That feature of ours led us to discovering many models before they had their big break. From Marc-André Turgeon, who shot numerous times with the legendary Steven Meisel, to Rachel Macknight, who walked for Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent, we’re there from their first photoshoot to their ascension to the top. No wonder why so many of our models rank in Models.com’s top 50.

Celebrity Influencers

Sports & Entertainment Division

The power of these online sensations resides in a meaningful relationship cultivated with thousands of loyal fans. Whether they’re sports figures, like Marc Fitt or the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, or culture icons, they nurture a covetable bond with their audience. Dulcedo’s role is to create long-term relationships between brands and those individuals in order to generate mutually beneficial and profitable opportunities.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Division

The power of an influencer resides in a meaningful relationship with thousands of loyal fans. This very special bond is rooted in a perfect mix of authenticity, credibility and highly inspirational and pertinent content. That is exactly why, when paired with the right influencer, a company can develop incredibly covetable and profitable commercial experiences for all parties involved. Dulcedo is there to find that perfect fit.

Our manifesto

We love people
We love people

Want to know our daily inspiration? It's you. You're the reason we do what we do. Nurturing meaningful relationships is why we get out of bed in the morning.

New Comers Believers
New Comers Believers

Dulcedo started as an emerging agency. One step at a time, pumped up with resilience and a good sense of humor, we became what we are today - a major force in the fashion industry. That's why we believe in the mission of accompanying the new creative generation in their professional growth. Fresh faces, emerging talents and up-and-coming influencers: we dig you.

Get Social

Social media is crucial to create a buzz around your name. With our expertise, we give you the tools to develop a strong online presence while developing killer personal branding.

Get Social
Respect is #1

Whether you're a model, a stylist or an influencer, we respect who you are. We signed Kira Conley, our first transgender model, for her self-assured uniqueness. Your identity is what has drawn us to you in the first place. The last thing we want is to see that special spark fade away!

Love yourself

You were scouted as a model? Congrats! Surely you have some good-looking genes, but beauty doesn't stop there. We're big time lovers of body diversity just as much as charisma, personality and singularity.

New Comers Believers
Weird is good

Other people may have teased you about that unusual feature of yours or that wacky thing you do, but guess what? It's time to toss your insecurities to the curb! At DULCEDO, we love confidence and unconventional looks and creativity. Perfection is boring anyways.

We love people
The world is our playground

We have offices in Montreal and Toronto. We represent international icons. Jarrod Scott was scouted on a beach in Manila and, a Skype meeting later, he joined the DULCEDO club. We've got eyes everywhere.

It's all about teamwork

Responsibility is shared equally between you and DULCEDO. Your aspirations, your life goals or your doubts - keep us in the loop. We're there for you, either to celebrate when you land a big job or to help you shake it off when your dream gig slips through your fingers.

New Comers Believers
Insider access

We develop one-of-a-kind relationships with all of our industry friends and partners. If there's a happening in town, you can be sure we know about it. We might also ask you to tag along if we think there's an opportunity for you to make new contacts.

Keep in touch

Our role is to guide you and make sure you reach your full potential. We'll meet you at the office to provide you with feedback or at a hip coffee shop just to catch up! Two-way communication is at the top of our priority list.