Based in: Quebec, Canada

Julia Marino is a Professional Snowboarder on Team USA who competes in Big Air and Slopestyle events

Born and raised in Westport, Connecticut, it was clear early on that Jules had a knack for most sports, but shined especially bright on the slopes and on the soccer field. She started skiing at the age of three but eventually switched over to snowboarding. After a few years of splitting her time between soccer and snowboarding, she ultimately chose the latter in turning down a Division 1 college soccer scholarship, to focus on boarding and going Pro.

Her choice was definitely the right one, as she went on to make the US National Ski and Snowboard Team in 2016, and claiming Bronze at her first World Championships that same year, where she became the first female to incorporate not only a double in competition, but two doubles on a single run; a performance that cemented her place at the forefront of Women's Snowboarding. 

Julia's racked up a laundry list of achievements during her first few years on the Pro Circuit, each one as impressive and memorable as the next. At only 22 years, she is a 7x X Games medalist, a 2018 PyeongChang Olympian, 5x FIS World Cup medalist, and reigning LAX Open champion. 

Jules is currently training full-time to perfect her skills with her gaze firmly set on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. 

Claudia C.
Sports & Entertainment Agent