DULCEDO is bringing it’s new edge to Toronto

July 30, 2016  Published by

Our Toronto offices are officially launched. Canada is bursting with flair.
That’s why Dulcedo is bringing its unrivalled eye to Toronto, determined to find the nation’s coolest, most unique individuals.
Set on Spadina Avenue, our amazing new offices are set in the heart of Canada’s fashion capital!
Our scouts (#WeAreGold) are on the lookout for the GTA’s best new faces, bringing yet more Canadian talents to the top!
With offices in two of the nation’s biggest cities, it’s official: Dulcedo Management is where it’s at!

With massive national reach comes widespread international visibility: we are proud to announce that we will be saying goodbye to and introducing our newest website,
With the .com switch, we give the whole planet a chance to discover the rad world of Dulcedo: our models, our celebrities, our influencers, our brand.