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Happy Earth Day from all of us at Dulcedo. Today is a special day where we honor Mother Nature and the amazing planet that we get to live in! To celebrate and to educate, we sat down with Tamina and Pari, the sisters behind the brand Wild Wholistic and film actress and meditation leader, Sitara Hewitt to discuss how to connect back to nature, especially, for those of us who live fast paced, big city lives!


Wild Wholistic: Tamina and Pari

How do you personally connect to nature? Have you always been drawn to it?

Tamina, Wild Wholistic: Nature is a powerful source of healing that we can tap into to gain access to our own healing powers: the mind, body and soul as we are part of nature itself.

Nature is everywhere but also within us. 

Simply walking barefoot in nature, being in the presence of plants or trees, getting lost looking at a dandelion coming out of the side of the road, listening to the river, rain or ocean, breathing exercises and meditation– all of these simple acts help us connect with nature and ourselves. 

I’ve been drawn to and connected to nature as a kid, but as I grew up I lost that connection. 

My healing journey has been finding the way back to myself and taking my power back. Nature has had a great role in that, especially plant medicine and that’s why I birthed Wild Wholistic with my sister Pari.

Do you feel that there is an elite driven agenda within media and pop culture to shift us away from nature and the earth? Why do you think that is? And do you think we, as humans, are capable of rejecting the agenda and getting back to nature and holistic wellness? And if so, how do we do that?

Tamina: If there’s a power at large to destroy humanity it is because the majority of us have allowed it.

Being disconnected from nature and the self, we have outsourced our power and made choices that are not good for us individually nor for the planet. 

The solution is each and every one of us. Change starts individually and within our homes. It’s our daily choices, healing our mind, body, and soul, finding our purpose and living our truth in alignment with the Source. Once we stop outsourcing our power no one will have power over us.

Healing the world starts with healing ourselves.

Do you have any rituals that you will be partaking in to celebrate Earth Day?

Tamina: Every day is for celebrating the earth and celebrating being part of this life on earth.

The celebration of Mother Earth is the celebration of life itself. 

Making plant medicine that blends as close to nature as possible is our way of giving back to our community and connecting to and celebrating Mother Earth’s healing medicine. We’d also spend time in nature, in meditation and gratitude for this sacred gift of life on earth, the nourishing food and medicine that it offers us.

For those who are wanting to make the shift to holistic wellness and nature, do you have any advice on where they should start in terms of educating themselves in regards to plant medicine, gardening, herbs, and nature?

Accessing the abundant and free healing sources provided by nature and our own healing sources (our mind, body, and soul) daily and consistently can have a huge impact on our health and is a great place to start. These acts can include: mindful breathing, meditation, being present in the moment, grounding, moving our body, resting, spending time in nature, having a morning or evening routine, etc.

These simple acts are some that can help us start on our healing journey connecting to nature and ourselves without feeling overwhelmed. 

How do you personally honor Mother Nature on a daily basis?

Being grateful for the nourishing food and medicine Mother Earth offers us, spending time in and connecting with nature, working with plants, creating Wild Wholistic plant medicine blends as well as taking our blends are all a daily major part of how we connect to and honor Mother Earth.

Which of your products do you recommend for those who live a fast-paced city life but are trying to slow down and recharge and regain a semblance of balance?

The Elevated Mind to help you keep your calm, and help raise your consciousness and connection to self.

If you could have one wish come true for our planet and humanity, what would it be?

Be united in love for humanity and our planet earth. Accept that, even though we are all unique as we come from different life experiences and with different beliefs, we are all one in that we are all humans.

Finally, what is one piece of sustainable and environmentally friendly advice you’d like to leave with our readers?

Vote with your dollars. Choose to shop organic and local and more from small businesses and those who care about humanity and our planet earth.


Sitara Hewitt

How do you personally connect with nature?

Sitara Hewitt: Such a great question! Because I feel it’s increasingly more important to do this. I get withdrawals if I don’t get out in nature, so it’s very easy to make it a daily thing. My Australian Shepherd needs two long walks a day, so that always gets me out. 

I prefer forest, or nature trails with few people on them. I recently moved right onto a river, so daily I will go and sit by it, place my hands in it and just get my bare feet on the bank. I gave up the buzz of the city, but I wouldn’t trade it now for the calm and beauty of the country.

Before that, I would make sure I was staying somewhere near a hike or nature feature. So I could get out and get off the beaten trail and connect with it. Anywhere I go, I seek out the nearest park to get into! I really feel it’s important to connect our bodies with nature. I like laying on the ground in the sun as often as possible. 

Nature is upgrading our frequencies right now… And I feel it not only calms us, but can help us access Source. Being in nature often also reminds us of the generous and precious nature of our earth. And I feel it helps us treat her better, as well as ourselves and each other.  

What do you think are some of the best ways to pass on appreciation of the earth to newer generations?

Sitara: Best way to pass on an appreciation of nature to the next generation is take them out into it often! Get kids off technology, and into the outdoors. Playing in mud puddles as little kids, and going on as many nature trips on the weekend.

When I lived in the city, we would drive out to nature three times a week to just be free and play in it. The more children connect with nature and understand its beauty… the more likely they are to want to protect and care for it.

I also like to share information on how to live more sustainably, use less plastics, and remove chemicals in the home. And also to grow food! Nothing connects you to nature, like growing some food yourself.  

Do you have any special rituals when it comes to celebrating Mother Earth?

Sitara: I have so many rituals!  One of my favorites is laying down in a river. The way that water courses over my being feels like a total cleanse and reset. It is said to clear the aura.  

I also like to go barefoot a lot, or place my hands on trees and simply give them my appreciation and love. Nature needs our reverence, so I make sure I give that often.

I also like to plant vegetables, and eat them with great gratitude. And I set crystals out in my garden, to both recharge them and the earth.

What is one thing you really hope for people to do more of to take care of our planet?

Sitara: I hope people will learn to grow more of their own food! It will eliminate a lot of the waste that is produced in supply chains. Plastics have got to go, they are terrible for us. Also, using chemicals on our grounds, like pesticides and herbicide must stop. 

Lastly, what do you recommend for city people to do to reconnect with earth and nature?

Sitara: For people who live in the city, as I used to, I recommend driving, biking or taking public transit out to nature features often. Commit to it the same way you commit to watching your favorite show, entertaining guests, or cleaning your house.  

Get disciplined about turning off your phone, and getting into nature at least twice a week. It will be so good for your mental well-being, as well as your connection to earth.  

Take walks in your neighborhood, and include your children. Just looking at trees and plants on residential streets can be so healing, and you might find a cool park or two!