CONTENT CREATORS: Why You Need To Be On LinkedIn

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When we think of LinkedIn, we think of it as a site for working professionals looking for career opportunities or new hires. But this platform is so much more than that! We delve deeper here and why it’s crucial for content creators to utilize the platform.

LinkedIn Users Generate A Higher Median Income Than Other Social Media Users

If you primarily use the big three — Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok… your reach may be large but it’s still limited. The audience on LinkedIn is a business-focused one. So it’s a great opportunity to tap into a network of business-minded people who are geared towards an entrepreneurial mindset.

This leads directly to the fact that the median income of LinkedIn users is higher than social media users on other platforms. 44% of LinkedIn users make over $75,000 per year. If you’re looking for project funding, to kickstart a business venture, to get paid for your expertise, or to collaborate with brands, this is the platform to create those connections.

Sharing is Caring

We know. We can hear you already. « Another platform? I already struggle to keep up with the social channels I already have! » But this is what’s so great about LinkedIn! Creating content isn’t a necessity. Sure, it’s always beneficial to have original content to post but on LinkedIn, it’s a welcomed practice to post discussions, articles, to repurpose ideas, to repost content and hot topics from other platforms and media. It illustrates that you are engaged with current events and have your finger on the pulse of popular culture.

Google Me!

If you want to capitalize on your Search Engine Optimization… you need a LinkedIn profile. If you’ve ever searched a name, you’ll probably have noticed that the first hit that comes up is usually the person’s LinkedIn profile. Not their Instagram. Not their TikTok. Not their Twitch. You want good SEO? You need a LinkedIn.

Be Dynamic!

As a content creator, you’re already using a visual content strategy on your other platforms and you know what works and what doesn’t — so you can easily apply it to the new platform. So if you choose to go the route of original content creation (including reposting your own content from other platforms), use dynamic video and graphics. Images and videos improve your posts’ popularity, increasing the comment rate by 98 percent.

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