Lucie Rhéaume Travels to Coachella

mai 27, 2019  Published by

Montreal’s beloved Lucie Rhéaume traveled to Coachella and vlogged her whole experience so that we too can join in on the amazing trip! She and fellow influencer Cindy Cournoyer rejoiced in the Californian sun for a fun-filled weekend of dancing, singing and laughing till the sun rise. Despite the heat and constant adventures she went on, Lucie still managed to look effortlessly cool during the celebrity-favourite music festival.

Lucie spent the weekend exploring her style with funky outfits and out of this world makeup, but the real MVP was her luscious hair that can make any fashion statement be well received. Catch up on all the fun shenanigans on Lucie’s YouTube, and be sure to stay tuned for more amazing trips as Lucie is always bringing good vibes and serving looks!

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Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg