They feel no fear, they are not scared of authority, nor to face the obstacles we encounter in life. You can easily feel the adrenaline through the veins of the models in this series called “The Lonely Hearts Club”, a group of young friends who are so tired of following this 9-5 routine and having to work for someone else. Every day of the week, they look forward to 5pm to meet their other fellas and be reckless at the track rail enjoying their freedom where they can’t be bothered.

As passionates human beings we have to find a way to express this feeling that is constantly burning inside of us. We had to create “The Lonely Hearts Club”.

Work inspired by the movie Trainspotting and Green Street Hooligangs.

Team :

Director of photography: 94
Videographer: Dalia Janian

Art direction: Héléna Miléna & 94

Fashion Stylist: Rafael Tsukamoto
Hair Stylist: Roxanne Selleck
MUA: Robin Hamilton
Coordinator: Héléna Miléna


Antoine Olivier Pilon
Hubert Deptula
Noah Mitchell
Nikita Berezin

  • Antoine’s Outfit
    Jacket: Stone Island
    Shirt: Junya Watanabe
    Necklace: Thrifted
    Pants: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus
    Shoes: Reebok
  • Hubert’s Outfit
    Jacket: Undercover
    Tank Top: Gosha Rubchinskiy
    Pants: Helmut Lang
    Shoes: Converse
  • Nikita’s Outfit
    Crewneck: Undercover
    Necklace: Thrifted
    Sweatpants: JJJJound
    Shoes: Nike
  • Noah’s Outfit
    T-Shirt: Vintage
    Long Sleeve: Adidas
    Necklace: Undercover
    Pants: Stone Island
    Belt: Thrifted
    Boots: Common Projects