Hate Copy for 29Rooms Toronto

July 2, 2019  Published by

Hate Copy will be one of the contributors for the new “Expend your reality experience” by 29Rooms in Toronto this summer. Through mind-bending creativity and bold collaborations, it will “connect you to your curiosity and unlock your sense of wonder.”

What’s 29Rooms?
Organized to disrupt the exclusivity of New York Fashion Week, Refinery29 partnered with creative visionaries like Petra Collins and Solange Knowles into order to build 29 distinct artistic experiences that everyone could enjoy.

Today, 29Rooms has become a vibrant community where culture, creativity and imagination are unlocked and celebrated year after year. Through traveling tours and ever-changing spaces, new artists, partners, and visionaries continue to bring ideas to life through interactive installations, performances, workshops, and more.

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