IT TAKES TWO: Tsar and Shady Breakdown Their Iconic Bromance

June 8, 2022  Published by

They’re like PB&J… like Crockett and Tubbs… like Shaq and Kobe… a real dream team!

Tsar and Shady sat down to interview each other for National Best Friends Day. So sit back, be a fly on the wall, and let’s find out how two massive creators became friends… and you might even find out how the legend of the Lelele scarf was born too!

How did we meet?

Shady: You remember that, no? You texted me on TikTok, right?

Tsar: I think it’s because your videos kept popping up on my For You page. Your videos always had you yelling “I have the best settings! I have the BEST settings!” And then I heard you say you’re from Montreal and I realized this guy is super close to me! So I think I DM’ed you and I think… I had 5,000 followers (at the time) and you had 7,000 followers on TikTok, I think.

Shady: I think around 9,000 followers or 10,000 actually…

Tsar: Yeah, something like that and I’m like “YEAH! Let’s play some games!”

Shady: I remember in our first game you said, “hey bro, you never followed me back on TikTok!” 

Tsar: Yeah I remember that, that I was like “you didn’t f**king follow me back, man.”

Shady: But I think I told you that I don’t follow anyone back, only my wife. What a fail, bro.

Tsar: That I do remember, and that’s how it all started.

Shady: Yeah, then we exchanged numbers and boom boom boom – started talking content every single day.

Tsar: Everyday man! Everyday. 

Shady: Every single day, haha. But it became more than that now. 

Tsar: After a month of knowing each other, we started talking about our personal life and stuff instead. 

Shady: Now whenever we talk it’s about personal stuff, not just content. Now that we all know what to do. I remember that I was thinking of doing something different with my content and you told me to do something with my origins. And you helped give me that idea. I was literally waiting outside of the barbershop texting you!

Tsar: Exactly… I remember telling you to get the scarf. I told you to get the scarf… the Lelele scarf. I told you to get it!

Shady: Now you know. The scarf… it all came together in front of a Barbershop. 

What do you think makes our friendship so strong?

Tsar: We are both from relatable cultures! We are trustworthy people, have the same morals, and we understand each other’s jokes.

Shady: Exactly. We don’t take things personally. Whenever we joke with each other we don’t get mad even if the jokes are a bit dark. This is being old. We are old and mature enough to understand this.

What are some inside jokes we have?

Shady: We have a lot of inside jokes. Snazzeline and Vaseline shoes!

Tsar: Exactly the Snazzeline. The players are so sweaty all over the place and sliding all over the map because they are playing so hard. Everyone says Snazzeline now!

How do we overcome differences?

Shady: You don’t overcome them. When people are different, they compliment each other. 

Tsar: Maturity level plays an important role because you know how to handle and control your emotions because you don’t take it personally. You see these people fighting each other all the time on Twitter who are younger. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Shady: Differences are beautiful. When people are different, you learn from each other. 

Tsar: You need to keep emotions separate and be able to take constructive criticism and not take it personally and be mature about it.

Shady: That’s why what we have is special because we don’t hold back. We go one hundred percent. We don’t lie and sugar coat it with each other. If we think a video is bad or something needs to change, we tell each other straight because that’s what friends do and holding back doesn’t help us improve.

Tsar: Exactly. You need to be able to take the criticism and we both understand each other so well and what works and doesn’t work, that’s what also makes our bond so special and makes us successful. We hold each other’s work to high standards

Where do we see ourselves in 10 years?

Tsar: It would be incredible to be gaming, making content together, the same organization.

Shady: I’ll be 40 years old… so we will officially be the mega boomers. If we keep pushing content like we do now we will be one of the biggest– we just gotta keep grinding! And we started groups of content creation. Building connections with other people… but we still maintain the main group.

Tsar: It’s a healthy competition at the end of the day… for all five of us. We always support each other, whether it’s raiding, emotional support, or a group of trustworthy creators to be there for each other.

Shady: The emotional support though! When someone is there– you just need that group with experience… especially those who have been in our position and understand what we are dealing with, so having that is really important for us. 

Tsar: Our group is all 30+ years old except Smithdoggy, who’s 28. It’s good to have emotional support for us, especially for our hobbies and mental health. I love having this group because in tough times its those friends that’ll help pull you out of tough places and propel you to the top!

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