Administrative Assistant Internship

February 14, 2019  Published by

Office Angel Guardian

Our administrative department is looking for a KICK-ASS intern to keep this creative chaos all together. As a growing and leading modeling agency , we are looking for a TEAM PLAYER with a POSITIVE attitude who’s not afraid of doing the impossible to make it happen! You are resourceful , street smart & don’t mind helping with Spray Painting Job ( we have this thing to turn everything #FromStaplesToGold )

We LOVE people. 

We manage expectations, ego & disappointments.

We are honest and straight-forward .


  • You cannot be Grumpy in the morning.
  • You’ll be the first contact when the door opens in the office. You have to welcome the models, applicants & clients with a smile.
  • You’ll put your magic touch to make every meeting memorable
  • You’ll be in charge of the PRINT SHOP – Scan & print the images & order the compcards. You’ll need to get the material print on time for the Model’s casting because they are ALWAYS last minute and this industry is going fast fast fast . You gonna make sure every models have everything they need (even the things they don’t know they need!)
  • Everyday is different : You might go run errands to Staples, order flowers for a Birthday , send Champagne Bottles overseas , Hand write  thank you cards , pick the Songza playlist ….
  • As the official representative of the DULCEDO brand during the applicant process, you will guide every applicant entering our office through each step of the way
  •  You’ll prepare a keynote for the Agents to Vote for the applicants
  • You’ll be the one bringing the GOOD ( but also the bad ) news to the applicants. You’ll need to be very graceful
  • You’ll have one post to write on our blog every week about our Highlights .

You’ll do things that you haven’t learn at school . You’ll gain strong business relationships with top key people in the Fashion & Advertising industry.


NOTE : It’s not a glamorous industry . You gonna get ALL our respect if you are able to do this job in heels. But let’s be honest- we all collect sneakers here.

Anthony R.
Anthony R.