Sports & Entertainment Internship

February 14, 2019  Published by

As a growing management company that is young and active, we are always on the lookout for new emerging talent.

At this point, DULCEDO Management is looking for a talented intern to join our Sports + Entertainment division team. What for?

To join an exciting team and apply what you’ve learned in school – but with cooler assignments. Assist and work in collaboration with the rest of the Dulcedo Management Team – which includes a groovy Team Leader and a sweet PR Manager.

Your role would include working on these cool activities:

  • Identify talents (athletes, public figures, etc.) that are aligned closely with the Division’s objectives.
  • Manage activities related to sponsorships and/or collaborations.
  • Participate actively in brainstorming and strategy meetings.
  • Finding and prospecting of new clients.

Our ideal new friend would:

  • Have a Bachelor Degree or Studying in a related field (PR/ sports marketing/business/communications).
  • Strong knowledge of Sports and Entertainment.
  • Knowledge of public relations and sponsorships.
  • Have a big interest in sports and all social media.
Anthony R.
Anthony R.