Marc Fitt Keeps it Fresh with New Colgate Partnership

April 30, 2019  Published by

We are proud to announce that Marc Fitt is Colgate’s newest partner! Joining the likes of Michael Phelps and Lindsay Vonn, Marc will aid Colgate in their mission of promoting oral health through their new Colgate Total formula toothpaste and mouthwash range.

Having built his lifestyle around all things fitness and health, Marc Fitt’s new partnership with Colgate comes as no surprise, as whole mouth health is as much of a priority on the fitness athlete’s day-to-day as nutrition, and weight lifting.

Colgate is committed to spreading the importance of the role of teeth and gum health in overall wellbeing, and Marc is happy to help in spreading the word to his loyal fans and followers.

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Thomas Houlton
Thomas Houlton