MEET Nicole Mireles , NEWEST addition to the PR division!

July 18, 2019  Published by

Nicole joined the Montreal Office as part of the new PR division. WARM WELCOME TO THIS BOSS LADY !

Here’s 10 “Get to know me” questions so you can see why we wanted her in our team ! 

1.Astrological sign?


2. How would you describe our style in 2 words?

 Creative Flair 

3. Who’s your role model?

I have a few, but my mom is the biggest.

4. What’s your drink order?

White sangria 

5. What’s your most used emoji?


6. Dream destination?

I’m dying to go to Thailand!

7. If it was your last day on earth. what would you eat?

 Mofongo, best puerto rican/dominican dish. 

8. Which animal would you be?

Panda bear, eating and sleeping all day long…

9. Something that annoys me…

People chewing gum or gum in general 

10. I can’t live without…

Wearing earrings