Meet Paula Illingworth , newest member on the Dulcedo team!

July 9, 2019  Published by

Paula joined the Montreal Office yesterday and we are more than happy to welcome her on the team. She will be working directly with the digital division on business development, talent recruitment among other tasks involving our e-sports new division.

Want to get to know her better?

1.Astrological sign ? Gemini
2. How would you describe our style in 2 words? Sleek with a touch of relaxed
3. Who’s your role model? I wouldn’t want to narrow it down to one person… but I find people that  live up to their originality, and true self are really inspiring and refreshing
4.What’s your drink order? Water / vodka-water lime / americano
5.What’s your most used emoji? ✨
6.Dream destination? Japan and the Maldives
7.If it was your last day on earth. what would you eat? Pizza, brownies, sushi and an açaí bowl.
8. Which animal would you be? Butterfly
9.Something that annoys me…Close-minded people
10. I can’t live without…My family and friends