MOTHER’S DAY with Amber, Noel, Sarah, and Alisa

May 7, 2022  Published by

For Mother’s Day, we sat down with some of our Dulcedo superstars! Race car driver Amber Balcaen and her mother, influencer Noel LaPalomento, Twitch streamer Sarah (Sizzsarz), and Model Alisa Pysareva to discuss the mother and daughter dynamic, pregnancy, and motherhood!

Amber Balcaen and her mother, Kim

Amber and her mom, Kim

What is the best advice you have ever gotten from your mom? 

To always be myself and to follow my dreams. She always let me be me, and gave me the freedom to make my own decisions and choose my own path.

What is your favorite childhood memory of you and your mom?

Honestly doing anything with my mom was always fun. Whether it was cooking or baking together, plant shopping, getting our nails done, watching my dad race, or coming with me to my races, it was all fun!

What is something you want people to know about your mom?

That she is the strongest and kindest person I know. She raised me to have confidence, to always believe in myself, and to be kind to everyone. She gave me the best life and is still my number one fan. 

How does your mom inspire you?

Her strength and ability to always take the high road. She has had to persevere through some really hard times and it never let her become bitter or angry. It only made her better. She is always able to keep a positive attitude towards others and life. 

What is something you want your mom to hear this Mother’s Day?

That she is the best mother in the world and I wouldn’t be half the woman that I am if it wasn’t for her. She is the most important person to me and I love her so so much. 

What was Amber like as a child?

Kim: Amber was full of energy as a child! She was in gymnastics, dance, horse back riding lessons, acting lessons, volleyball, and Taekwondo. Amber was a very happy, loving, and kind child.  She was a tomboy. She liked snowmobiling, ATV, and of course, racing.  

What did you think she’d grow up to be? How did you feel when she told you she wanted to be a race car driver? 

Kim: I never really thought of what she would grow up to be. I always wanted her to do what made her happy! I supported Amber when she wanted to race at ten years old, because I always wanted to race but my dad wouldn’t let me. I said to Amber’s dad to let her race! But I wasn’t expecting Amber to make a career of it.

Did you ever have any doubts in Amber’s career path or journey? Why or why not?

Kim: At times I had doubts in Amber’s career path, just because she had to raise the funds herself in order to compete. But I never doubted Amber’s talent or ability to race. I believe in Amber. She is hardworking and passionate!

What is your favorite pastime to do together?

Kim: Traveling down the road together from race track to race track back in her sprint car days, and hanging out at the race track. Just spending time together, going out to eat, visiting wineries, and getting our nails done! 

How are you and Amber alike? How do you differ?

Kim: Amber is amazing in front of large crowds speaking, being on camera, doing interviews, being on social media. I like to be in the background. That is where we differ the most!

What is your advice for moms whose daughters are choosing to blaze a trail and carve out their own path?

Kim: I believe it is very important to support your child in their career path and life path. It’s surreal to watch Amber’s life evolve. I am in awe of Amber. I can’t believe how truly blessed I am to have such an amazing daughter. She definitely has brought her dad and I along on some great adventures. We are loving every minute of it. 

Noel LaPalomento

Noel and her daughter, Giada

What was the craziest thing you learned about yourself through motherhood?  

The craziest thing I’ve learned about myself through motherhood is that I actually have zero patience but I am trying to work on it everyday! 

What is the best piece of advice you received from your own mom/motherly figure that you’d like to pass onto your daughter? 

My mom and I may have some different views and opinions when it comes to raising children but one thing I’ve learned from a very young age from my own mother, that I’ve already made sure to pass down to my own daughter, is to be respectful and treat people with kindness and be grateful!

What is your favorite pastime with your daughter and why? 

Giada and I love to go get sushi! It’s probably our favorite thing to do together and it’s something we started doing a few years ago and now we go on lunch dates all the time per her request! 

How do you balance a full-time career as a content creator and being a mother? Do you have any advice for women in a similar situation? 

Balancing being a content creator and being a person with a life other than content creating is alone challenging sometimes! So when you add being a mother to the mix, it can definitely be more of a challenge. However, being able to share these life changing moments with my daughter and best friend is so rewarding! My advice for women in a similar situation would be to be true to yourself, do what feels right and if you need a break, take one!

What has been the hardest part about being a mother and the most rewarding? 

The hardest part about being a mother has been trying to remember that I am not just a mom and it’s okay to do things that make me happy too! 

The most rewarding part about being a mother is knowing that someone depends on you and that others appreciate what you do for them! 

What is your one wish for this Mother’s Day?

I seriously couldn’t wish for anything more this Mother’s Day! My daughter is happy and healthy. I am happy and healthy. That’s what’s most important to me!

Sarah AKA Sizzsarz

Sarah and her daughter, Evie

What is your advice for young moms who are also pursuing their passions and career paths? How have you been able to balance it all?

Becoming a mum is one of those things where you will never be prepared for how much your life will completely change. All of a sudden you are completely responsible for this little person and 100% of your day will be dedicated to that. I was lucky as here in England, fathers are allowed to take paternity leave, so my partner was able to take the first year of my daughter’s life off work, which meant I was able to go straight back into streaming/content creating.

My main piece of advice would be to not determine your success by what others are achieving around you, just because someone has reached a goal before you doesn’t mean you won’t get there! You have just chosen a slightly different path in life but it’s not impossible to achieve what you want. Looking after a child (especially if you are a full-time mum) is a full-time job in itself, so yes, your career and aspirations may take a little longer and there will be days where you cannot be productive at all, so just take it one step at a time! I cherish the moments at home with my daughter as I know in the blink of an eye she will be grown up.

How does being a mom inspire you and shape you?

Being a mum has taught me to have a lot of patience, and my time management skills have definitely improved. When my daughter naps, I know I only have about a hour and a half to get everything I need to get done in the day! I also have a new found fire and passion for content creation, as I know I want to provide for my daughter and give her the best possible memories, so I am working extra hard to try and grow my career! 

What is your favorite pastime with your daughter?

Now my daughter can talk and hold conversations I just love sitting and chatting with her, especially making up stories together! Recently we have ditched the storybooks for bedtime and just tell stories together instead. It’s amazing how creative a child’s imagination can be! The other night we both got our imaginary fairy wands out and baked a massive cake for the Princess but the recipe went wrong and the cake reached the sky! The things she comes out with are so hilarious that me and my partner just laugh with her all day!

How are you and your young daughter alike? How do you differ? Do you see yourself in her at all yet?

Looks-wise my daughter is definitely similar to me when I was her age, both of my parents always say she reminds them of me! My daughter is definitely braver than me, she will jump right into every task head first and will always be the first one up to the front of the class! I am definitely a lot more shy in that sense! She is such a confident little thing, I truly hope it follows her to adulthood as she will be able to conquer the world!

What is your one wish for this Mother’s Day?

A nice relaxing day! Maybe even go crazy with an afternoon bath or something! You’ve got to find joy in those little peaceful moments!

What is the best advice you received from your mom/motherly figure and that you’d like to pass onto your daughter?

Treat others how you would like to be treated, and politeness goes a long way!

Alisa Pysareva


What does it mean to you to become a mother?

It means a great amount of things to me! First of all, it starts with SHARING: sharing my body, my thoughts, sharing my whole life and future with a new human. 

Secondly, it’s a tremendous RESPONSIBILITY. Full responsibility for another person’s life. The responsibility for being a loving, giving and best parent for your child. The responsibility of nurturing him physically and mentally. The responsibility of bringing up a healthy, happy and good human being for our world. 

What is the best advice you received from your own mother/maternal figure?

My mom told me that becoming a mother will be very difficult at times but it will definitely be the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

What are you most excited about in terms of becoming a mom? 

Meeting and looking into the eyes of a miraculous creature that have been growing and moving inside of me for months now.

What are you most anxious about?

Managing to be the best mother for my child.

How do you plan on spending this Mother’s Day as an expectant mom?

With the three most important mothers in my life: my mother, my mother-in-law and my grandmother!