Welcome on board to our newest Sports & Entertainment agent Claudia Cusano!

September 9, 2019  Published by
  1. Astrological sign ? Sagittarius
  2. How would you describe our style in 2 words? Casual & Trendy
  3. Who’s your role model? Beyoncé
  4. What’s your drink order? Almond milk latte or gin and 7up (depending on the time of day)
  5. What’s your most used emoji? 🤓
  6. Dream destination? Maldives
  7. If it was your last day on earth. what would you eat? All the chocolate cake.
  8. Which animal would you be? 🦁 or 🐬
  9. Something that annoys me … People who stand too close to you in line
  10. I can’t live without… Tabasco (I put that sh*t on everything)