ZOMBIE BOY, August 7, 1985 – August 1, 2018

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I am in shock I am in pain. I’ve never felt anything like this before. How soon did you leave us, how deep you did love us. You left no one untouched, your kindness was unequaled, you belong in the stars, and that’s where you shall rest. Forever, I will remember you, my brother you have become. Saddned I walk my road here on without you. Knowing I’ll never find another soul like yours, it hurts to never to hold you again. It hurts to never be able to share with you the love I have for you. So much love. And now pain. It hurts man. It hurts so much. You left us all for your farewell and for this we are forced to watch you go. Your soul is delievered, and of this I am certain, you will rest in peace. Too soon you left us and I wish I could of been there right at that time to save you. Looking back into it all, good times and laughs, love and never shy to express it to one another, youre a true brother to me. I will never forget the man you stood to be. A monument you are inside of me always. Rico I love you so much. 💔

Karim S. Leduc, CEO

Karim S. Leduc
Karim S. Leduc

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